We just finished up a rather hectic day. Before COVID 19, we were well staffed and cross training was progressing. We were lean and thinking about hiring another employee, but were holding off with the rumblings of coronavirus.

“Americans will always do the right thing-after exhausting all the alternatives.” — Winston Churchill.

Many people were not socially distancing or staying home, since before the board strongly worded what we needed to do, we have been trying to do so. Socially distancing is hard when you care about people. And it is hard to care for pets. We have been working hard to see clients in the parking lot at a social distance.

“We’re gonna get through this. We’re going to get through this together.” – Andy Beshear

Some pet complaints can be put off until the risk is less. Some things should not. Regardless, all things take longer. I told my husband, I felt like we were doing half as much with half the people and yet it takes four times as long. Oh, and since we have split shifts, I have to help with the tech stuff and phones sometimes. Meanwhile, I know some places are business as normal.

“We can’t be doin’ that,” – Andy Beshear

But there are things that we need to do to keep people and animals safe. So, with humans in the parking lot and pets in the hospital, we did a lot today. Puppy and kitten vaccinations are time critical. If they are unvaccinated, they can get sick and die. Rigby and Raelyn started their modified puppy plans today. Gracie was overdue for her rabies and other critical vaccines.

Buddy needed eye medicine. Because of COVID 19 shipping delays, he had been out for a bit. Billy needed heart meds and pain meds.

“Next slide, Kenneth.”

There were various rechecks today. Momma and Smokie have blood pressure problems and checking their BP and administering medicine can prevent heart attacks. Smokie needed a new two week glucose monitor to wear.

Sammie’s ear was bothering him enough that he would stop eating to shake his head. Achilles shook his ears enough that he busted a blood vessel and had a hematoma.

Cee Cee, Breeder, Daisy, Little One, Salem, Kramer, Clyde, needed flea and tick medicine. Dottie Mae needed heartworm medicine. Kali, Abby and Winnie needed both. Sophie and Josie needed their special food.

My faith teaches me forgiveness, we all make mistakes. – Andy Beshear

Zoey, Willow and Vader went home today. Their family got back from visiting out of state.

We all make mistakes.– Andy Beshear

I allowed the surgery schedule to be too full. We had been slow the first of the week and even though there is supposed to be money to help small business, the ‘rules’ are changing daily. Yesterday’s application was changed last night. I found out about it when we finished up at 8pm tonight. So emergencies added to urgencies. A behavior need for a castration and dental with a grade III/IV dental would have been enough for today with the new rules. But, JJ had a rapidly growing mouth tumor. Hershey fractured a tooth that was extremely painful. Jaxson also had a broken tooth. The deep rooted teeth took a while to get out, unfortunately, relieving JJ’s suffering was the best that I could do.

We finished up appointments about an hour and a half after we “closed” with Roxie’s cardiac workup. With Roxie’s new pneumonia, we are nearing the zone where not much more can be done. Bella’s radiographs do show a hairline fracture. She needed to be seen.

Times of stress are also times that are signals for growth, and if we use adversity properly, we can grow through adversity.” – Abraham Twerski

Guardian Animal Medical Center is growing stronger. We have had to become more cross trained by the necessity of split teams. Communications improve because of a team being off while the other is working. We all are having to learn to use technology to communicate with clients. Although, I might have fallen back to phone calls today. We have to do more with fewer people at any one time. We are strong. We will get through this together. Can we do this? Yes, we can!