“Having a party, dancing on the ceiling” was playing on the radio the other morning and it is still running through my head as I try to write.

Having a Festival
(apologies to Sam Cooke)

We’re havin’ a festival
Celebratin’ the wildlife.
Rehabbed by Guardian
At the Med Center
The Cokes are in the icebox
Popcorn’s on the table
Come out and join us
Food’s out here on the lot
So Dr, Dr. MJ
Keep that bounce house bouncin’
‘Cause I’m a-havin’ such a good time
Bouncin’ with my baby
Everybody’s learnin’
Brewer’s bringin’ honey now
If you want to learn I’ve
Got a few for you
See that one called “Gound hog”
See that one called “Turtle”
Don’t forget the “Pet Costume Contest”
Maybe a hawk or two
Let me tell you Dr, Dr. MJ
Work that silent auction
‘Cause I’m a-havin’ such a good time
Bouncin’ with my baby
Havin’ a festival, yeah
Everybody’s playin’ for prizes, oh we’re
Got a selfie pet station, yeah
At the Med Center
Oh, We’re havin’ a festival, man
Everybody’s face paintin’
We’re shoppin’ to the music, yeah
At the Med Center
Tell ’em one more time
We’re havin’ a festival, yeah
And everybody’s smilin’
Oh, we’re havin’ a good time, yeah
At the Med Center
Tell you
We’re havin’ a festival

Well, it is true. Saturday, Oct 19th from 1 to 4 pm, we are having a festival. We are still looking for sponsors but there is no admission fee. In the parking lot there will be a mix of free and donation stations. The bounce house, inflatable slide, pet costume contest, face painting and selfie pet booth are all free. There will be vendors, food trucks, local honey, crafts and games. Local authors will be on hand to sign their books. There are still vendor spaces available or call/text 606.928.6566 about setting up yard sale items. We already have a lot of nice silent auction donations. There will be some guest appearances by some of our wildlife. There will be limited supply of T-shirts for sale. Bring the kids to do the bounce houses. Bring the dogs (must be on a leash) to do paw-petal painting. Or ditch the kids and fur kids and get some early shopping done or just drop in to say hi.