Recovery from knee replacement surgery often brings unforeseen challenges and moments of unexpected joy. At three weeks and a day post-operation, my journey to full mobility has been a slower ascent than anticipated. Yet, amidst the hurdles, there have been tales of laughter, perseverance, and a loyal companion soaring through the skies.

While my knee mends at its own pace, I’ve found solace in the pages of 14 books, delving into worlds far beyond the confines of my present state. Unfortunately, the palate’s delight still eludes me, resulting in some weight loss, though I’m wary it might be chipping away at muscle too.

However, amidst these setbacks, Jean Luc and I just started back out. Jean Luc, my trusted saker falcon, has graced the skies in pursuit of game. Accompanied by Catie, my apprentice turned squire, our recent hunts have been moments of both hilarity and triumph. In one instance, a mischievous chukar quail led us on a merry chase, causing Jean Luc and the quail to engage in an exhilarating game of hide-and-seek amidst the bushes and the perils of a pool house roof.

The escapade took an unexpected turn as the chase led them to the gator, with the chukar seeking refuge underneath. Laughter echoed as the quail and Jean Luc engaged in a spirited dance, darting and dodging, leaving Catie and me in stitches.

Ultimately, victory was Jean Luc’s, but it required a strategic maneuver involving the lure and a rather precarious retrieval mission under the gator’s domain. The effort of hauling Jean Luc back uphill was no small feat, underscoring the value of having a squire brave enough to retrieve the elusive quarry.

These escapades, as comical as they may seem, serve as a reminder of the healing power found in doing what one loves. Amidst the challenges of physical therapy, the joy of falconry fuels my determination to heal. Each adventure becomes a testament to resilience and the indomitable spirit that propels us forward, step by step, in this journey to recovery.