Elf on the Shelf

See what the Guardian Animal Medical Center Elf on the Shelf has been up to!

Guardian Animal Medical Center is excited to announce that we have an intern that will be with us for the next few weeks. The skills seem to be good and fortunately, the intern brought their own mask and stethoscope. But unfortunately, the intern has forgotten their name. Suggestions on a name?
Dec 4: Cats are obligate carnivores. That means they must eat preformed amino acids and proteins AKA prey type food. Protect those in your house that might be considered prey. The No-bowl systems are good to get them to hunt and eat what they should.
Dec 5: Intern Elf is learning today she takes first rad and tries to interpret.
Dec 6: Elf intern showing off our pet of the day miss Katie.
Dec 7: Intern Elf is battling fleas.
Dec 8: Intern Elf knows her s…, uh, poop!
Dec 9: Intern Elf helps with wildlife rehab.
Dec 10: Intern Elf learns about bats. This one is eating on it’s own already.
Dec 11: Intern Elf loves cats!
Dec 12: Intern Elf helps with medical cases.
Dec 13: Intern Elf ultrasounds the liver on Duke the microchip dog!
Dec 14: Intern Elf is practicing ophthalmology with the fundascope. That word doesn’t mean what Intern Elf thought.
Dec 15: While Dr. Wixsom was drawing blood on her avian patients, Intern Elf was trying to get blood.
Dec 16: No, Intern Elf that is not what we meant when we said some of the boarders need a bath.
Dec 18: Intern Elf works with otoscope. Prissy is not too sure about the new intern.
Dec 19: Intern Elf is along for the ride.
Dec 20: Intern Elf helps with dentistry.
Dec 21: Intern Elf is learning about laser therapy. Everyone has their safety goggles! It helps Sparky’s pain and promotes healing.
Dec 22: Intern Elf playing with the kitties.
Dec 23: Intern Elf practices massage therapy.
Dec 24: Intern Elf looks at Thermal imaging right before heading to the cold North Pole Animal Hospital.
Dec 24: Intern Elf hitches a ride back to the North Pole with the vet boxes.

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