We Recycle!

We try very hard to minimize our effect on the environment.  In remodeling an older building, we reused not just the building, but many things in it.  Many things got a new and “improved” uses.  Fruit tables are now, or becoming, exam tables or play tables.  Ice box panels are sound insulation in the kennels.  Displays were cleaned and reused. Tables have new uses.

We put in florescent lights in all fixtures except treatment spotlights, surgery lights and places we needed the (wasted) heat.  Even the chandeliers have the short florescent and LED spot lights. We also used recycled floor tile for all treatment areas.  We reuse newspaper in some of our cages.  (Most cages are the newest design that have drains built in.) We recycle our numerous soda cans and useable prescription bottles.  (None with anything toxic or hazardous.)In short we are very aware of our carbon footprint and try to minimize it for the benefit of all of us.

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