Stress Less

Does your animal companion get especially nervous when it comes to vet appointments? Do trips to the clinic have you both feeling stressed out?

At Guardian Animal Medical Center we recognize that visiting the vet can trigger anxiety in some pets. We want to ensure that every single patient we serve feels safe, comfortable and at ease while in our care. That’s why we’ve implemented a “Stress Less” practice experience at our clinic.

Why are stress less visits so important?

Not only does fear and anxiety cause your pet to feel distressed, but it can also hinder our ability to deliver adequate medical care. When an animal is nervous, it can trigger a number of other physical and physiological symptoms. These reactions can mask the signs of true illness and make it difficult to identify and address health concerns properly. Creating an atmosphere that is calm and balanced is in everyone’s best interest.

What makes a practice stress less?

There are a lot of things at a vet clinic that can make a pet feel nervous. From the sights and sounds of other animals to unfamiliar smells and unchartered territory, it can be a downright frightening experience. At Guardian Animal Medical Center, we’ve taken measures to eliminate or at least limit the number of factors that might cause an animal stress.

First, we’ve shortened the time a pet needs to wait in our reception area. We want to get you and your best friend into a quiet exam room as soon as possible. Before we even begin working with a patient, we always take as much time as necessary to help him or her feel at ease. That may be as easy as offering a few tasty treats and some chin scratches. Or, it may mean examining them on the floor where they feel more secure. We’ll do whatever it takes to keep your loved one as relaxed and calm as possible.

Under the guidance of Dr. Marty Becker, world-renowned veterinarian and pioneer of the “fear free” concept, our staff has been trained in gentle-handling techniques. We know just about all the tricks of the trade for calming anxious pets and we’d love to do the same for your animal companion.

Give us a call today and let’s discuss how we can help make your pet’s next appointment a positive, stress-less experience!

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