We find that most of the time when we get RX requests from somewhere like Pet Med Express that our prices are actually cheaper than those they offer.

Another thing to consider is that many manufacturers will only sell to veternarians. What that means to you is that these meds were not purchased directly from the manufacturer, so you don’t really know how it has been handled and stored in the meantime. It also means the company/person you are buying them from is selling black market, grey market or counterfeit products.

Most of our products are guaranteed when used as directed by your veterinarian. However, the guarantee is only valid if the heartguard is purchased through your veterinarian.

*Guarantee may be void where prohibited by law.

BTW We do charge a prescription fee IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE HOSPITAL FOR AN EXAM OR RECHECK. We charge this fee because it takes time to pull the record, get the doctor to review it and then fill out the script. Of course, this is not charged when we are reviewing lab or other test results. My MD (who charges $90 for a brief exam) charges me for this when I forget to ask for a refill and call back in. We charge for it because it costs us.