Luxury Boarding

Is your dog used to sleeping in bed? Does the idea of a run or cage not appeal to you? Look at our wonderful luxury boarding suites for your pet.

Motel Suites: A Photo-tour

Summer Camps – Dog Days Summer Camp

Send your pet to Day Camp this summer! Our caring staff and other dog friends* will join your best friend for a day of fun and games. Our indoor facility provides a safe, clean climate-controlled environment for dogs to play in. *Every dog must pass our Pet Evaluation and Assessment before participating in Camp. And we have a strict vaccination policy.

Regular Boarding


Lots of runs and cages with a dedicated, professional staff. Discounts for multiple dogs and longer stays.

Medical Boarding


Medical cases have a separate wards from boarders. In addition, highly contagious animals have two distinct wards: parvovirus and respiratory. Cats have their own room also.