Convincing Your Cat to Stay Indoors

Have you decided to keep your kitty inside? If so, that’s great! Although Fluffy may really enjoy fun outdoor activities, like chasing butterflies, making paw print art on your car, or refusing to come in when called, she’ll be both healthier and safer as an indoor pet. Cats that go outside face many serious dangers, such as cars, predators, weather, and other kitties. They are also at much greater risk of getting lost, hurt, or killed. However, your feline buddy may not agree with your decision, especially if she’s been allowed to go outside before. Read on as an Ashland, KY vet offers tips on keeping your cat inside.

Make The Door Unwelcoming

Never punish Fluffy for trying to get out. Instead, you’ll want to make your furry little adventurer rethink the pros and cons of meowing at the door. When your kitty goes near the door, squirt her with water, or make a loud noise. These things won’t hurt your feline friend, but they will startle her. If there’s one thing cats hate—aside from baths and car rides—it’s being startled.

Provide A Fun Environment

Make your home as fun and comfortable for your cat as possible. Provide Fluffy with lots of fun toys, and give her some cat furniture to play on. Choose pieces that encourage healthy activities, like climbing, jumping, and snagging your sweater with a paw when you walk past. To give your furry pal a taste of the great outdoors, set out some pet safe plants for her to hide behind. Kitties love peeking out at their humans from behind green leaves! You can find a full list of safe plants at the ASPCA website here.


Spend a few minutes a day playing with your cat. Regular play sessions will help keep Fluffy active and healthy, and will satisfy her natural urge to pounce on things. They will also help burn off your kitty’s excess energy. By the time playtime is over, your frisky feline will probably be more interested in napping than in slipping out the door.


While this isn’t going to be the right option for every pet, some kitties do enjoy being walked on leashes. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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