Household Hazards for Birds

Have you recently adopted a bird? Good for you! Birds are lovely and fascinating little pets. Your cute little buddy is certain to add lots of color and charm to your home. However, in order to keep your winged friend happy, healthy, and safe, you’ll need to do some bird-proofing. Read on as a local Ashland, KY vet lists some common household hazards for birds.


Fans can be very dangerous to a little bird! Make sure to turn off all your fans—especially ceiling fans—before letting Polly out to play


Although your colorful pet may love taking birdbaths, the truth is that most pet birds can’t swim. Therefore, even a few inches of water can be deadly for them. Open toilets, full sinks or bathtubs, uncovered fish tanks, and pots of water on the stove are all hazardous to Polly.


Birds need clean, pure air to stay healthy. Many fumes that are safe for us are poisonous to Polly. Don’t let your feathered friend be exposed to cigarette smoke, cooking fumes, or the vapors from paint, varnish, household cleaning agents, or automotive products. Aerosols, perfumes, scented candles, incense, and air fresheners are also on the no-no list.

Other Pets

Fido and Fluffy are absolutely wonderful pets, but don’t forget that they are predators by nature. It only takes a single playful swipe of a paw to seriously injure a pet bird! Keep your furry pals in another part of the house when Polly is out of her cage.


Birds often hurt themselves by flying into windows or mirrors, which they may not necessarily recognize as solid objects. Polly could also get entangled in blinds or drape cords. Choose your window treatments with your pet’s safety in mind.

Small Objects

Our winged pals are very curious by nature. Polly may very well investigate anything you have lying around. Many smaller items, like safety pins, earrings, and even pencils, can be quite dangerous to your cute pet. Keep small and/or sharp items in secure places.


These are just a few things that can endanger Polly. Some other potential hazards for pet birds include fireplaces, heaters, air ducts, open doors, and candles. Ask your vet for more information.

Please contact us, your local Ashland, KY animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about your bird’s health or care. We are happy to help!

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